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Naully Nicolas

Digital Consultant | Digital Historiographer


Who is Naully Nicolas?

Naully Nicolas is a passionate individual, with a skill set that is referred by many as the next big thing in digital transformation. He is an author and a speaker armed with the tactics and strategies that will serve as basic knowledge for any emerging leader to challenge confronting organizations in this fast-paced digital ecosystem.


Naully has written a book titled “Leading Disruption” that will help any leader evolve and learn the mechanics to how you can set everything you have planned in motion, to create a chemistry between a speaker and the audience one must first put itself in the shoes of the listener. “Leading Disruption” will empower you and your team to tackle any challenges that will be placed in front of you as you usher in the new century. The book distills the wisdom of Carl von Clausewitz’s seminal 1832 A masterpiece On War – considered by many scholars to be the most esteemed western war work ever published. The book transposes Clausewitz’s most common principles of leadership and strategy to help today’s leader in digital transformation.


Naully enjoys his leisure time with some baroque music and he happens to be a big fan of Jordi Savall. He plays a different piece of an instrument called the viola da gamba.

Speaking Engagement

Naully is a bilingual (English/French) digital transformation leader who brings high-caliber of enthusiasm wherever he goes and he has quite the expertise of being on the stage.

As an author and a speaker, He is available both live and virtually. Whether you need a keynote speaker for your next event or a subject matter expert for an engaging seminar, you can be sure that he will deliver.