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When it comes to personalization, Amazon becomes top of mind. The online retail giant’s personalized recommendations have enabled their customers to find a product quickly, making the overall user shopping experience a smooth and pleasant one. With more companies like Amazon adopting similar personalization features, the bar has been raised in relation to customer expectations. Today, consumers demand the same personalized experiences,

It was Carl von Clausewitz who first started to describe the differences between ideal performance and actual performance. In "On War", he wrote: And while his context was in relation to war, we have since discovered it is a concept that can be applied in many scenarios. In fact, a seamless, frictionless user experience has now become the new standard: the minimum to be relevant

It's no secret that hospitality marketing was turned upside-down by social media and the internet. Nowadays, instead of relying on travel books, travelers can look up reviews on travel blogs and websites, share experiences on social media, and ask others for recommendations more easily than ever. Even today, hospitality marketing trends are ever-changing. MDG Advertising recently released an infographic highlighting five upcoming trends in hospitality digital

The Hotel Distribution Technology Chart starts from the hotel at the center and expands outwards towards the guest. The chart is organized following the data flow from the hotel towards the guest via the three distribution groups: online, travel agents, meetings, and events. Each ring moving outwards is a level of technology that builds on the last to reach the guest. A chart made by SNAPSHOT View the hi-res chart now.

Voice search, conversational messaging and artificial intelligence are currently changing the way that travelers interact with brands. Many consumers already use devices such as Amazon Echo to do a wide range of things, from checking their daily calendar to ordering an Uber or searching for businesses nearby. This increase in voice search will soon enter the realm of the travel industry -