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Not a good brand. Not a successful brand… a great human brand? The number of digital travel touchpoints grows rapidly, as travelers look for better offers via search engines, booking apps, online travel agencies, and deal sites. Yet the travel industry must adapt to newer digital marketing strategies to win over potential customers. The key to success is delivering ultra-precisely targeted content, leveraging personalized

Un énorme merci à Valérie Demont (-Steck) pour m'avoir interviewé dans son podcast From Roots to Heaven. J'ai parlé de la Blockchain, de bitcoins et la transparence et la fiabilité que cette technologie propose. Sur ma vision de la digitalisation et la place de l'humain, ainsi que la profondeur et les valeurs dans la communication digitale. Vous en saurez plus sur moi, mes loisirs et méthodes pour se ressourcer :

In his book "The Prince", Niccolò Machiavelli described in Chapter 1, the different kinds of states those who are republics and other who are principalities.     During the Quattrocento, Italy wasn’t a unified country as we know today. At that time, the country was composed of various numbers of city-states. The reason was after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, urban settlements in Italy generally enjoyed a

Today’s travelers are looking for more personalization and convenience during their hotel stays, and hoteliers are seeking out new solutions to help meet those needs. Akia is an artificial intelligence messaging platform that allows communication between a hotel and guests and learns to anticipate guests’ needs. In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Joshua Galun, Hospitality & Travel Lead at Excella

Over the last few decades, innovations in aviation — wider, more efficient jets and the rise of low-cost airlines — significantly reduced the cost of flying. Bigger cruise ships capable of holding many thousands of passengers now take entire floating cities to coastal ports (which is why Venice recently banned these). Then there are the many splendors enabled by the internet, among