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Social media has become a priceless tool for today’s traveler. In particular, social media is found to have influence at two distinct points in the travel funnel: An inspiration to travel A mean to share travel experience As a result, Instagram is one of the most relevant platforms for destination marketers. However, like most social media platforms, cutting within the noise can feel

Dynamic Ads for Travel gives destination brands and local business an unique opportunity to display individually tailored offers to millions of potential customers – generating a direct increase in sales. While the underlying principle of  Dynamic Ads for Travel is the same as that for Dynamic Ads, destination brands can now advertise with much greater relevance and effect thanks to some key changes. For

Travel is by nature an industry driven by aspiration and inspiration.We all have ambitions and destinations that we want to see and things we want to do there. But as all travel goals, we have to start somewhere. Usually, we are inspired by : family, friends, books, dreams, and TV shows – just to name a few. No, influencer marketing is not doomed.

Note: This is a sample chapter from my book available here on Amazon! THE RISE IN DIGITAL TOURISM Consumers are looking for pieces of information well before they book their trips, they compare and read opinions of other travelers, and then they book tickets, hotels, and even tickets for shows and museums. During the journey, from online check-in to searching information about places and leisure activities.

Now you have thought about how you’d like to use a Geofilter, the next step is to create one! This post is the second in a two part series. Part one focuses on Snapchat Geofilter strategy and usage ideas and you can find it here. It's important to point out as each Geofilter and situation is different. So, it’s important to know the