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Recently, travel brands have been one of the biggest winners since social networks turned to advertising. After an painful start into the online world, the travel industry is enjoying some of its biggest perks, and 2017 is already looking like a big year for travel brands. Millennials and Facebook Facebook is starting to rise the bar every year in terms of travel marketing and this

Planning your marketing is tough. You know why? Because it requires you to answer a difficult question. How to create and market unique and immersive travel experiences ? Beyond the understanding of the essence of travel experience it is also important to find what influences traveler experiences. As Otto and Ritchie pointed that for travelers there are four important factors that influences the experience, respectively hedonistic, peace of mind, involvement and recognition. In their

The basic premise behind Snapchat is pretty simple: share customizable, short-timed photo and video content with closest friends from your phone. But when it comes to using the platform for travel brands, things get complicated. How to use Snapchat for business, and best practices in particular, can be difficult to determine. What are the best practices I should follow when using Snapchat for business? The

Travel Techonology Europe is a few short weeks away. The conference, taking place Feb. 22-23, offers attendees access to the best in the travel biz, all in one place.  There are other reasons besides the obvious to attend.  Each year, this conference is getting bigger and better.Whether you are a travel or hospitality IT professional, part of senior commercial management or a

The digital transformation is underway. However, it goes beyond the customer front-office. It also includes a profound transformation of an organization and its operations, in particular the supply chain. This is an essential factor if you wish to keep promises made to clients. As a result, the digital transformation is of the logistics sector is vital. Every IT player is saying the same