My Services


I only take on a handful of new clients, which gives me the ability to create meaningful, handcrafted work while truly getting to know my clients on a deep, personal level. Check out my services below to learn what I do, how I do it and where I can help you.


What if you could spark deep, meaningful conversations with the people you serve? What if you could add a volunteer sales team to your organization or rally a crew of loud and proud advocates and evangelists that love you and support you in good times and in bad? What if you were famous for the people who love you for the way you love them? What if your team was motivated by a sense of purpose that went beyond products, services and marketing goals to encompass the truly important things – like your cause, your purpose and your mission?
It’s possible.


During the insight phase, we gather knowledge by listening to, learning about and exploring your company and its offerings, market, competitors and customers. I will visit your offices and guide you through a series of interviews and visual exercises designed to help us become students of your business. I’ll have extensive conversations with your biggest fans to learn why they love you so much and how your brand or organization fits into their lives. I’ll also explore brands, communities and experts beyond your immediate neighborhood.


During phase two, we will focus on developing a single strategic pathway to build your brand’s community, and then develop a more detailed plan to bring your community to life. The plan will include components such as naming, brand identity, engagement tools, community content recommendations, community management plan, and digital direction. It will also include recommendations for measuring the success of your community building efforts.


When you have approved the strategy, we will enter phase three – implementation. This is the phase in which we launch your community. If we suggest lead advocates, they will be recruited, selected and trained using a custom curriculum based on Brains on Fire’s community management expertise. Ongoing management of the community will be coordinated by Brains on Fire, your internal team, or a combination of the two. The implementation phase also includes development of an online platform, as well as offline conversation tools. This is where and when conversation and passion are ignited, and the community begins to take root.


The best brands invite a conversation. I believe a well-designed brand identity lets businesses tell better stories by exploring and celebrating who they are, why they exist and where they are going.


Brand exploration takes up to three months. I kick things off with a brand audit to better understand the current health of your business and identify areas where deeper exploration is needed. The insight process continues as I gather knowledge through a series of guided interviews and exercises with your staff. I’ll also speak with customers and a small group of outside experts that you identify in order to get a better feel for the way your brand fits into their lives and your overall market. Throughout this insight process, I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open for words, phrases and images that will help you connect more deeply with your customers.


The next step is a discussion of key insight findings and the strategic thinking guiding my creative process. From there, I will work on up to three pathways for the direction of your brand identity. These brand identity pathways will reflect your brand’s essence, positioning, reason to believe, visual direction, emotional connection and personality. All of these facets work hand in hand to establish a captivating brand. You will select one of these proposed pathways for to be developed into a comprehensive brand identity.


So what do these in-depth and comprehensive services cost? Brand Exploration begins at $100k. At the end of our three months of work, you can expect to walk away with a sparkling new brand identity along with a blueprint to help visually tell your brand story, make your identity mark shine, and get people talking about you. I can also help you implement both printed and online materials after the exploration period has ended. Those costs will be estimated separately as I recommend the best way to launch your new brand.

Ready to get started? Good. So am I.  I only take on a small number of naming and identity projects each year, so get your application in ASAP and I’ll be in touch.If you’d like to set up a time to review a relevant, process-driven case study or to learn more about what you can expect from working with me, please contact me


I strive to create a compelling visual experience for customers that reflects the importance of customer experience and brand engagement. As a result, the visual experience I create for your business will make your customers and contacts confident in you, your brand and your products and services.

Travel & Tourism Website Design

Travel marketing websites are as diverse as the destinations they serve. Some feature seductive images of beautiful people in alluring locations. Some are all about the transaction; helping users find the best deal and book their vacations online. Others are all facts and figures; showcasing the number of rooms, restaurants, pools, floor plans, and lists of services. Still others present a swirling display of multimedia, virtual tours, streaming video and flashing buttons. But of all these different approaches, which is the most effective travel website design for tourism and destination brands? Let me help you in making that determination for your company, and in doing so attract the clientele you want.

Online Marketing for Destinations

Traditional marketing and media channels cast a wide net, but only catch a fraction of consumers currently shopping or in your target demographic. In contrast, digital channels and internet marketing can be hyper-targeted by demographic, giving you the potential to reach everyone searching for what you have to offer. Wanderlust’s internet marketing strategies help you target people based on their demographics, online habits and personal information. We can specifically reach niche audiences to ensure everyone who sees your ad is a member of the target audience. Digital marketing is also very cost effective compared to mass media channels. Some channels offer pay-per-click or conversion, instead of general impressions, meaning you only pay to reach the people who are interested in your product or service, not the entire general public.

Travel Oriented Content Marketing

In a world where consumers rely on search engines for immediate access to information, it’s essential that your company’s website is a rich source of online content. Creating new, engaging content is not only helpful to showing potential clients the value of your business, it also helps your brand to show up higher in search results.

I can help you create relevant, engaging content that attracts visitors to your website and tells your brand story. Travel and tourism consumers today tune out interruptive marketing and instead they actively seek relevant travel information through search engines and social networks. In response to this quest for information, I help destinations, resorts and attractions use online content – articles, blogs, videos, and more – to attract and engage these information-hungry travelers and provide a depth of content that simply isn’t possible with traditional marketing. I’ll show you how to use content to elevate your brand and improve your visibility among potential clients.