How should you transform your organization ?

Digital transformation is becoming the latest challenge for any organization. The reason is because it impacts not only industry structures but  also internal organization.  CEO must constantly challenge their organizations to ensure that this technology-enabled change can unlock productivity gains and significant competitive advantage and understand where and how the fundamentals of their current operations could be unsettled by agile new entrants or new business models.

So why it’s vital to know how what to transform in your business. That’s why, I create those two template which can help you starting.

Digital transformation value matrix is a simple way to find out which components of your business should be subject to transformation.

The “Digital minimum viable study” is a tool which can help your team to think on the solutions and innovations that can contribute to your digital transformation.

Download the templates

Two big questions must be asked before working with those templates:

  1. What is the greatest threat to your business in the digital economy?
  2. How can you effectively respond to that threat?

Good luck !

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