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Travel is by nature an industry driven by aspiration and inspiration.We all have ambitions and destinations that we want to see and things we want to do there. But as all travel goals, we have to start somewhere. Usually, we are inspired by : family, friends, books, dreams, and TV shows – just to name a few.

No, influencer marketing is not doomed. It’s simply evolving!

But as social media networks continue to grow, our inspiration to travel are increasingly influenced more and more through these platforms. This phenomenon has given rise to the age of the influencers, of individuals or organizations that can influence large audiences through a combination of delivery, information, and inspiration. The rise of the influencers is without a doubt, more pronounced in the travel industry. Soon-to-travelers seek out inspiration online, they are coming across people just like them, who’ve seen it, done it, and can offer better observation and information.

It’s true is that influencer marketing market is saturated in a way that the number of bloggers is increasing steadily through various channels. But it doesn’t mean that influencer marketing is doomed. As long as audiences trust their influencers, influencer marketing is not dead yet. It is down to the agencies but the influencers also play their part.

Another aspect to consider is that influencer marketing agencies that have a more manual approach will progressively put themselves out of business. Technological businesses will gradually replace them because they know how to get a one to one relationship with the influencers but also to identify them through technology.

Actually, we can see an interesting move by using micro-influencers, from big name brands.One of the reasons for the importance of influencer marketing is the increased use of social media to people’s’ lives. Younger generations, in particular, now spend far more time on social media, than they do consuming traditional media. Nowadays, you can’t simply run a traditional ad on social media and expect the same response. You must adopt new tactics to bring your message to your audience, and influencer marketing has now established itself as a serious means of doing this.

Do you also think Influencer marketing is far from dead? Add your comments below with your thoughts.

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