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Dynamic Ads for Travel gives destination brands and local business an unique opportunity to display individually tailored offers to millions of potential customers – generating a direct increase in sales. While the underlying principle of  Dynamic Ads for Travel is the same as that for Dynamic Ads, destination brands can now advertise with much greater relevance and effect thanks to some key changes.

For example, if someone has been browsing a travel site and researching trips to Paris, for example, that travel site can retarget that person with an ad with a carousel of images of the Eiffel Tower or Louvre Museum instead of displaying specific hotel properties in the destinations. An airline could showcase images of New York City for travelers who have been searching for appropriate flights rather than revealing an image of a plane.

Source: Facbook.com

It also helps Hotels to retarget travelers inside Facebook’s mobile apps who viewed a hotel on Hilton.com, for example, by showing an ad featuring the hotel they viewed along with similar hotels in the area with real-time rates and availability. Airlines could also show relevant hotels to people who purchased flights on their website or in their app.

Travelers won’t notice many differences with the appearance of Dynamic Ads for Travel from typical Dynamic Ads, the older iteration that’s been available for the past year. Retargeting and the number of images and kinds of images travelers are shown are the novelties.

With the launch of Dynamic Ads for Travel, travel companies can now finally advertise their products in a way that suits their industry. Currently, the new format supports hotels and accommodation, airlines, and metasearch providers.

Key benefits in using the Dynamic Ads format:

  • Ads are automatically triggered
  • The ad content is dynamically inserted based on who the ad is displayed to
  • The ad content is picked from a travel catalog that lists every one of your offers with details
  • Ads are optimized with Facebook’s intelligent algorithm, meaning product ads are shown to users who are most likely to convert
  • Your reach includes a vast audience

This is how Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel works.

If you want to get into the world of Facebook advertising, but don’t know where to start, you should reach out to me now. I will be happy to give you everything you need.

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