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Recently, travel brands have been one of the biggest winners since social networks turned to advertising. After an painful start into the online world, the travel industry is enjoying some of its biggest perks, and 2017 is already looking like a big year for travel brands.

Millennials and Facebook

Facebook is starting to rise the bar every year in terms of travel marketing and this is the one network you probably can’t do without. Facebook can allow you to target people with honeymoon ads as soon as they announce their engagement or wait until travelers are in your city to start showing them with ads for your local services. Those targeting options are insanely powerful.

Recently, they rolled out another addition  inside the Facebook app: City Guides. This new feature can be a potential challenger to Foursquare. Facebook’s guides will show you a list of cities and which of your friends already visited, along with various recommendations of places to go and things to do.

Young adults and Instagram

Since Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, we were able to see two very important things for travel marketers . First, people see their friends’ Instagram content on Facebook, even if they don’t use Instagram themselves – and that adds to some already impressive reach.

More importantly, Facebook’s immense targeting options have also made their way to Instagram and these two make a fine pair for any travel brands, especially if you want to target the younger adults Instagram and the Millennials on Facebook.

Last but not least ,YouTube

Video content is an important part of the research process for people planning their next big holiday. Google says three in five travelers who watch online videos use them to help them make their buying choices:

By posting your video contents and advertising on YouTube, you are establishing your brand on one of the most important places travelers use to plan their ventures. There’s also the fact YouTube videos rank help nicely when speaking about SEO and Google.

Snapchat: the rising of a sleeping giant ?

Snaptchat is the most exciting social network right now. Nevertheless not the most obvious choice for travel marketers, this particular image sharing network has been overlooked for many years.

With 100 million active users and seven billion daily video views Snapchat is already seen as a maturing platform by several brands from television networks to lifestyle publications. But so far most travel brands haven’t taken the bait.

So you must keep an eye on Snapchat this year because it could be the next tool you are fighting over.

It’s going to be an interesting year in the travel industry and social networks such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook ,and Youtube will play a key role in how you connect with your audience. So make sure you’re on the right platforms to begin with and producing the kind of engaging content users are looking for on each of them.

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