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As a dynamic and passionate digital marketing professional, I am eager to share knowledge that helps your brand. I am available for speaking engagements that can inform and inspire your team to take action and effectively build your tourism, hospitality, food service, or wine brand. Digital marketing entails much more than simply posting on Facebook, and when I speak to your team they will learn how to think strategically and creatively about building your brand’s web presence. I tailor my presentations to meet your specific industry or organizational needs, so you can be sure there will be specific benefits for your brand.


Current topic
The face of digital marketing in 2016 and beyond
Events marketing in the Digital Age
Wine Tourism – marketing in 2016
Additional session topics
The Social Media Sales Funnel
User Generated Content – The do’s, the don’ts, hints and hacks
Demystifying Websites – 101 of Design and Development
Website Marketing – search optimisation and Google
Email Marketing for wineries
Social Media 101 – Setting the Foundations
Digital Marketing for Restaurants
How to create a Social Media Strategy
Facebook for Hotels and Hospitality
Instagram for Restaurants
Content Creation and Curation