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Naully Nicolas is a bilingual (English/French) friendly marketing and social media thought leader who brings high-caliber of enthusiasm and expertise to the stage.

As a speaker and educator, Naully is available both live and virtually. Whether you need a keynote speaker for your next event or a subject matter expert for an engaging workshop or seminar, Naully has the skills you need.

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Previous Speaking Engagements

– Traverse 2018

– [Webinar] Making your destination more attractive to agents and resellers

– Tbex Europe. The future of travel media.

Topics I Can Offer

Technology, data, and travel disruptors

Technology continues to revolutionize the travel industry at an increasingly rapid pace, while leveling the playing field for properties of all sizes. With big data comes a better understanding of traveler behavior. This in turn brings innovations to market that increase personalization and simplicity.

Customer experience management in the digital age: cutting across silos in marketing, loyalty, digital

Creating great customer experiences requires the orchestration of different functions, delivering on a multiplicity of devices, interfaces, and dashboards. The hospitality industry is grappling with the cross-functional convergence necessary to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Marketing, loyalty, digital, sales, IT, and data are working together to figure out how to partner. Who leads? Who gets consulted? Who owns the data? Where does the journey begin?

Digital Marketing in the Multi-Channel EraHôtels PR, social media and influencers 66% of luxury brands are expecting their influencer marketing budget to increase over the next year. How can boutique and independent hotels build a relationship with customers via digital channels? Who should they be working with, and just what is an “influencer”?

The evolution of truly personalized guest experiences

Digital capabilities can offer guests hyper personalized and customized experiences. How can hospitality implement the strategies adopted successfully by ecommerce companies to engage their customers? This session will take a look at the lessons learned online that can benefit the hospitality industry.

Using voice assisted devices to support your guest experience

While it seems that voice assisted devices such as Google Home or Alexa are now in every home, the hospitality industry should understand the true extent to which this technology is being used by consumers. This session will look at the kinds of experiences that should be built out for voice enabled channels and the kinds that are too complex at this point in their lifecycle

Effective strategies for reaching the anytime, anywhere customer

Understanding the most Your customer’s time is valuable, and they seek
out instant gratification even in their hotel experiences. This can alter the ways in which hotel interact with their guests.

What You Should Know

If you really don’t know me yet, it’s tricky, I admit it. You’re worried: is he professional enough? (Yes.) Will he swear on stage? (He tries not to swear on stage.) Will he honor his commitments? (Every time.) Will he stick around after his speech? (Most times! I love mingling before and after. It helps me better tune the message to who is there.) Is he fussy? (Not at all. My requirements are rather simple. A couple bottles of water, a lav mic, a clicker, and I’m on my way. No trampolines. No smoke effects. No elephants.)

Okay? So, if you want someone to speak at your event, I’m your man. I promise!

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