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What is The Blueprint?

The Blueprint, is a 30-day contract, hyper-focused on your current goal, resulting in a tactical roadmap you can implement.

For the past 8 years, I have worked with brands of all sizes to produce digital content, implement social strategies and serve as an online spokesperson to bring stories to life. From that experience I have created specific, tried and true methods for many of the most common digital needs brands have. 


Enter, The Blueprint. When you don’t need a full-time consultant, but want to enlist a trusted expert to help connect-the-dots and get you a Blueprint you can implement, immediately.




Whether you purchase a one-time Blueprint, or hire me for multiple Blueprints, your business will see improved in-house efficiency, strategic focus on your immediate needs and the ability to execute The Blueprint immediately. The Blueprint is a, mostly, virtual way to get a roadmap with actual tactics in a format that lets you accomplish your goal(s). 


How does it work?

Purchase a Blueprint that will best meet your needs. Upon purchase, you will begin a virtual consulting agreement between you and me  (a contract and invoice can be sent, per your request). A welcome call will be scheduled within 48 hours. Each Blueprint is a 30-day engagement between you and Me. The result is an action-based, tactical Blueprint designed for you and your team. What does virtual consulting look like?

  • Weekly visual or audio-based conference calls
  • An online shared workspace will be set up for you and applicable team members
  • I will work with you to outline goal(s) of The Blueprint and set it into motion
  • You have unlimited revisions of the Blueprint over the next 30 days
  • Within 30 days of purchasing your Blueprint, you will receive your living, working roadmap to meet your goal(s)


Each Blueprint has a one-time, flat fee and only changes if you decide to add-on options, like in-person meetings. Sarah’s goal is to keep it simple and provide the highest quality of work–letting her passion for digital media match the drive of your company. The Blueprint is currently available for the following digital needs: