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Often, we can hear that traveling not only teaches us the value of life, but also makes us learners and observers. It helps  us to think about everything that is right and wrong with this world. It shows us just how beautiful this world can be, especially when you think there’s just no hope.

Recently, I started to look back at my life and concluded that I want something more. When speaking with a close friend, I  discovered that I am someone who is a  multipotentialite (thanks Maja for the discovery ^^”).

For a long time, I was stuck in my comfort zone and travel is the perfect way to go beyond that point. I consider that you can learn so much about yourself when travelling. You discover you truly are, what you believe in, what you really desire, and the things you value most. There is no one close enough to shape your beliefs any longer, and no family or friends to sway your thinking or true feeling. Nothing can bring you closer to building an intimate relationship with yourself and getting to know yourself better than being alone in another country.

It’s a process that helps you evaluate who you are, and the various characteristics about you that were influenced by your upbringing.  This can force you change your future vision, and get crystal clear on who you truly want to be with little biases around you, which you would have if you were in the comfort of your hometown.

In full wanderlust, you can become your own fear buster, realising that you can do what you set your mind too. Self doubt will diminish, and you’ll carry this new confidence into your home life. You only have yourself to trust and that’s your gut instinct. You become more aware of detecting fears and danger, and can make decisions from the inside out, rather than outside in. You tune right in to your own instinct. Hence, this makes you wiser and more connected with your intuition.

Last but not least, travelling inject that real zest in your life. Turn your fears into curiosity, get out there and explore the damn world. Most tourists tend to find comfort overseas by trying to surround themselves with familiar things. But the true sens of travelling is about being in unfamiliar places, surrounding yourself with unfamiliar people, growing, and challenging yourself through uncomfortable situations.

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