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When it comes to personalization, Amazon becomes top of mind. The online retail giant’s personalized recommendations have enabled their customers to find a product quickly, making the overall user shopping experience a smooth and pleasant one. With more companies like Amazon adopting similar personalization features, the bar has been raised in relation to customer expectations. Today, consumers demand the same personalized experiences, and travel companies find themselves adapting in order to guarantee this level of service. 

In the digital age, consumers feel more empowered. With the advent of mobile devices, consumers today are able to accomplish tasks with just a few taps and they are increasingly expecting more from the brands they interact with. This translates to the way they shop and book travel, with most of them gravitating towards personalized travel itineraries. 

Customers today want convenience, connection, and context – things that can be obtained with personalization. Our Personalisation Report has shown that 83% of customers expect relevant information and products to be recommended to them based on their personal preferences. 

Consumers want personalized experiences because they want to feel like their interests and preferences are taken into account seriously. And because the customer has invested time to research and finally decide to engage your company over many others, it is expected you will reciprocate the favor.