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The basic premise behind Snapchat is pretty simple: share customizable, short-timed photo and video content with closest friends from your phone. But when it comes to using the platform for travel brands, things get complicated. How to use Snapchat for business, and best practices in particular, can be difficult to determine.

What are the best practices I should follow when using Snapchat for business?

The art of Snapchat dwells in connecting individual snaps together to create a “story.” I’ll walk you through the 10 best practices for creating snaps and stories when using Snapchat for travel brands.

Top 10 Best Practices for Snapchat Marketing

  1. Keep your snaps short and absorbable. There’s nothing that discourage people more than an uselessly long snap. If you’re unsure about the length run the snap by a couple of other people first or post it on a dummy account while considering your story.
  2. Keep stories short. Unless you are covering a special event two minutes is the right length to keep your audience engaged.
  3. Send updates to your contacts. This is a way of letting them know something new has been posted.
  4. Be friendly with the camera. Snapchat allows you to provide a personal perspective. Make sure to use this perspective for your brand.
  5. Embrace the vertical way. Snapchat is a mobile app. Therefore people look at their phones vertically 98 percent of the time vertical snap content is the easiest to view.
  6. Contrast always win. Try using white text and shading in a darker color behind it. Or use black text and shade in a light color behind it.
  7. Compose your snaps. Don’t forget to use natural light coming in from the side so it doesn’t create a silhouette when taking photos and videos. Always make sure your shot takes up the whole frame.
  8. Plan your Content. Planning improves content quality. Create stories use an editorial calendar and experiment with different weekly segments or serialized content.
  9. Be human. Don’t forget to send direct snaps to influencers and respond to snaps as appropriate.
  10. Experiment..Experiment..Experiment,..It can take some time to discover what works for your brand on Snapchat. A little competitive intelligence on other brands can help you ideate your snap content.