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In this first Startup pitch post, I will a speak about a really fancy travel startup called: Esplorio. During my stay in London for the Travel Technology Europe, I was invited for an after drink conference organized by HDYTI [Hey! Dip your toes in] and mainly for UK Bloggers. At that occasion, they presented a fancy startup called: Esplorio. Only a few minute of presentation, I fell in love with their app !

The story behind Esplorio

Esplorio was born out of Tim’s (CEO & Cofounder) continuing frustration at a lack of easy-to-use tools to track his travels. When visiting Sri Lanka with his then fiancée, Tim wanted to find a remote turtle hatchery that he had been to and had recorded using existing networks but could not find it on his phone. Even though Tim knew that the photo and information he was looking for was somewhere, the amount of difficulty in finding the specifics led him to want to create an easier way. Tim then recruited Essa Saulat and Sean Pham as co-founders to help him build Esplorio.

This app is one of the most practical ways to record all your trips from start to finish. It helps modern explorers (like me) to their entire journeys via automatic travel data (such as dates, duration, locations, routes, and miles), so you can concentrate more in you travel. In Esplorio,  you can add photos, notes, and pinned maps all in one place, so your trips can be comprehensively viewed and accurately remembered years after the adventures. You can share your travel so friends and family can follow you in your journey. It makes it easier to share your experiences with select people at once via a link, rather than trying to remember all of the details of your trips and relaying everything individually once you got back home.

The two main benefits to their app are 1) battery life and  2) data roaming. As the app does not require a constant data connection, therefore reduce battery usage and costs.

You see an example that I made for my recent trip on the West Coast with Gadventures.

 Of course, we can see Travel brands, tourism boards create their own trips and share it with their audience and thus reinforcing the context in their content marketing strategy.

You can download Esplorio today at https://appsto.re/gb/IEg39.i and you can also use desktop version on their website.