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I make sense
of digital trends with
the lessons of the past.

Naully Nicolas

Digital Consultant | Digital Historiographer

Who is Naully Nicolas?

My name is Naully Nicolas. I am a digital consultant, an analyst, an author and a digital historiographer: I give meaning to the present with the lessons of the past. I help leaders evolve through digital transformation and develop strategies by cultivating exceptional experiences, focusing on human nature and integrity. I lecture to business leaders and boards of directors on how to modernize their companies to meet changing consumer demands, but I do so with samples of history, art, theory and poetry. In addition to his ability to spot trends, he tells teams and fans that knowledge of universal concepts of human existence and reflection on honesty are crucial to our future.


“Disruption is fundamentally chaos. Whether it is technological, cultural, financial, political, or epidemic, it doesn’t matter. Disruption will come, and the market’s approach to the problem remains the same: change or perish.”

What do the art of war and digital transformation have in common? Or rather, what is the link between complex military strategies and modern techniques to lead to the digital revolution?

 “Decoding Blitzruption” distills the wisdom of Carl von Clausewitz’s seminal 1832 masterpiece On War — considered by many eminent scholars to be the most esteemed Western war work ever published. The book transposes Clausewitz’s most common principles of leadership and strategy to help today’s digital transformation.


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